Geysers, waterfalls, whales, and thermal pools; Iceland’s beauties of nature you’d expect. But what about cyclists, are there any roadies around? On an open and deserted road, on the way to the tectonic plates’ meeting point I bumped into Erlendur. A freak of nature in Fargo-like surroundings? To some maybe, but not to the Windjammers. We got talking and his spirit was A-okay. The cold did not bother him, the fierce wind did not bother him and the lack of shelter from other riders was no issue either. An Icelandic Windjammer, we found one. We exchanged cycling stories and then he continued. Bummed I could not join him for a ride. The team car suddenly felt way too comfortable.

Niki Terpstra had his Amsterdam canal tour and his fans had their meet and greet with the newly crowned Prince of the Pavé. At Amsterdam Roest there was an impromptu ceremony befitting of the grungy East Amsterdam industrial setting. The banners did not quite hang straight and the microphone did not work but the energy and the love for cycling were very present. Beers in the sun, handshakes and photos with a monumental champion and cycling talk with the Windjammers and Team Fast Amsterdam. It was all good and a fitting tribute for a great rider and one helluva guy. Yvo, Fred, Olaf, Nick, Jeroen H, Bernie and Paul were there and enjoyed themselves. Cobbled up, Amsterdam Eastside. Represent!

Tim’s Thursday. No GoPro but the iPhones work as well for the Noord-Holland flower fields photo opp. The locals taught us how to pronounce Ursem; put the emphasis on the second syllable. Our teacher posed happily in the team photo.


Party time with Paris-Roubaix winner Niki Terpstra. Saturday afternoon 19 April at bar ‘Roest’ in Amsterdam. Feel free to join and honor the King of the Cobbles.

Party time with Paris-Roubaix winner Niki Terpstra. Saturday afternoon 19 April at bar ‘Roest’ in Amsterdam. Feel free to join and honor the King of the Cobbles.

Alan hates the Flevopolder loop so much that he spontaneously cramped on the Oostvaardersdijk. Paul dropped his GoPro and cracked the lens; R.I.P. camera after three years of great service. 300+ rides and 20,000+ photos in the bank. Was it all bad? Hell no, a dozen riders experienced the polder in all its Spring beauty. Tulips, lambs, sparkling water and whooshing windmills. The numbing wind makes the mind and body strong as pro rider Niki Terpstra showed later today; he conquered the Hell of the North and took home the pavé trophy. Niki knows a thing or two about jamming into the wind. He also practiced his glory lap on the Roubaix Velodrome many times before on the Amsterdam track with some of our Windjammers in his wheel. Another bright spot in the day; over coffee Tim told us it was his birthday. 71 years and counting. Happy birthday Tim! 


Pictures in the dark of the 240km Tour of Flanders cyclo-sportive. Some impressions from the early start -06:45am departure from the hotel- to the late night post-ride dinner and afterparty in Bruges. From helmet to cones, we protect the peanut. Cone heads rule!

What a weekend! What a Flanders ride. Too many stories and too many pictures; don’t know where to start. 16 men and one lady Jammer (Annemijn) rode the full meal deal, non-choco Ronde van Vlaanderen cyclo. Tim ‘De Renner’ Krabbé was followed by a video crew to document ‘De Ronde van Tim’. Emile ‘Mr Pavé’ Wilmar came back from Stockholm and rode de Ronde on a base of just 600 km. Annemijn rolled into Bruges thinking she was going to ride the short version but ended up joining the group for the real deal. Nick brought personalized beers for everyone and captured the afterparty’s cone head trophy. The A-Team, lead by Matt Bridge, catapulted away with the London AVC guys. The B-Team rode tempo in the wheels of Mark and Paul. Soigneur Femke treated the team to a picknick halfway into the ride. Mark domestiqued for Annemijn and JW did for Tim. On the Paterberg we all met up and bumped into the BikeWriters and other cycling friends. Then we descended and revved up for a video recorded finale. The beers at café President in Oudenaarde, served by a busty barista, could not taste any better. Flanders is phenomenal; this group is awesome…!


Friendship on wheels. Windjammers and BikeWriters, there is a two year history and the bond is getting stronger with each ride. We met up on top of the Paterberg where we exchanged stories, smiles and hugs. A shared passion, we love it. De Ronde van Vlaanderen brought us together once more.

The Windjammers rode Tour of Flanders with no less than 17 riders. They all  did the non-choco, full monty distance and they rode it in stride. Protected rider Tim Krabbé had a phenomenal day and concluded the 235km cyclo with an impressive sprint after a video documented lead-out by his Windjammers teammates. An epic day.

A Flanders video by Het Nieuwsblad. From 2008 but a timeless piece. The Windjammers will be part of it again this year, participating in the cyclo version.