Summertime. Approaching Amsterdam after a short solo ride. Felt good.

Summertime. Approaching Amsterdam after a short solo ride. Felt good.

South Korea resident Marty was back in Amsterdam for his summer vacation. We had a mellow morning ride to share stories. Marty will start the Windjammers chapter in Pusan. Koreans beware!

Stefan was in charge of the Sunday ride and he took the guys on the Fish Special. The canal, the IJmuiden locks, the dunes, the polders, the dikes and the ferry ride back to the city; all the beauty Noord-Holland has to offer in a 135km loop. Steady riding in the Sunday morning sun.


Tim rode the l’Ardéchoise cyclo last week and he wore the colorful event jersey to prove it. Not his usual Etxeondo tailored and body-hugging jersey but a loud and happy shirt instead. Tim can pull it off.

It was a good turn out, with 11 riders joining, including fixie Fish and 2 strong women. Everyone had different plans, wishes, appointments and so it happened that there were routes of 60k, 80k and 100k. A very flexible Tim’s Thursday with riders peeling off at different moments in the ride.

Tim peeled off after the ride and boarded the plane for Taiwan. A holiday without the bike yet we suspect that a Mount Victoria climb may pop up on his log. We’ll see and hear the stories later. 


Photos & report: Annemijn Briët

Beautiful video portrait of Tim Krabbé talking about cycling, racing and his book The Rider. The short film was shot during the 2014 Tour of Flanders 245 km cyclo which Tim rode with 15 of his Windjammers friends.

A wonderful 12 page article on today’s cycling culture in this week’s Vrij Nederland magazine featuring no less than three prominent Windjammers. Journalist Sander Donkers rode with us for the view from within. Photographer Jan Rosseel can be credited for the beautiful photography. Kudos to both. 

These pics I took at 8:00 a.m. sharp. I had big dreams of riding alone and keeping the honor and the pace high in the name of the Windjammers. I was counting on riding alone today without our captain Paul and also without our deputy captain Tim K. I could set out a route on my own, do all the ‚kopwerk’ and at the same time, riding in the back.

Then my dreams were shattered. At 8:05 a.m. Marianne came riding in with Jan (a new rider in the bunch), Jeroen and Michiel. So suddenly we were with five of us. Because nobody had a good feeling riding South, we took the well known roads to Schermerhorn heading North. We had a pretty good pace and a beautiful ride after all.

At the end, we stopped at Maarten’s place where we enjoyed a good couple of coffees. The ride was a bit shorter than usual, so we hope our captains will lead the gruppetto next week again, after their week in the Cevennes.

Pics and text: Maarten von Winning

We concluded our cycling week with l’Ardéchoise cyclo-sportive ride. A wonderful and well organized event that brings out the best in all the small towns that the route goes through. The locals dress up, make music, offer riders food and drinks, and most importantly cheer for the more than 10,000 cyclists.

After a collective start our group split up in four smaller units, but not before our Windjammers train got kudos from riders we passed. 'Cette équipe, c'est classe!' was one of our favorite comments. Tim and Jan rode together as team 134, tandem Olivier and Patrick did a Swiss brethren ride, Christy and Annemijn tag-teamed to the finish, and Mark, Tom and Paul took the long way home with some strong pushes on the climbs. We all met up at the local café for pizza and beers in the sun. What a group, what a week. 


A cappuccino ride. A recovery ride. A visit to Tim’s picturesque Anduze. All was very mellow and pleasant this morning yet there was a bite in the end. On the way back to St Jean-du-Gard the pace went up and Paul and Tom attacked the last climb full on. One by one we rolled in. A quick shower, a picnic on the town square and off went to the Ardèche for tomorrow’s L’Ardéchoise cyclo. But not before Tim uploaded his ‘Jeudi à Tim’ ride on Strava. His 245 km ride over 16 cols deserve on-line accolades.


The Monster Stage mapped out by Tim Krabbé. 250 km and 16 cols through the beautiful and hard-on-the-legs Cevennes. The foursome of Olivier, Mark, Paul and the grand master himself completed the full cycle. We started at 8:30 a.m. and we arrived at 9:00 p.m. What a day. Epic is an overused word but it surely applies here.